A recent Masters graduate from Santa Clara University, I am looking to combine my new degree in computer science and engineering, with my previous work experience in the video game and IT industries, into a new software development career.

Having started my professional career in the video game industry, I started creating and implementing audio for video games.  Scripting audio came easy as I had taken coding classes throughout college in preparation for the gaming industry.  As fun as that industry can be, it is all project based and if your studio doesn’t have a project or isn’t part of a larger publisher layoffs are all part of the gig.

Moving away from gaming industry I moved my technical abilities into the Information Technology field while I went back to school to pursue my Masters.  Having found a passion in scripting and coding in the gaming industry this forged my educational path.  I truly enjoy the challenge of figuring out a solution to a difficult problem.  That surge of excitement and adrenaline when system comes online and does what it was planned to do is like no other feeling.

This website is a lot of things.  First and foremost it is a place for me to keep a journal of sorts on trends that I follow, as well as keep me coding on a regular basis.  I also have added a section to about my schooling.  This is as much for me as it is for current and future students taking the same or similar courses.  I’ve always believed that knowledge is power, the more you learn the better off you will be.  Therefore I never plan on stopping my education, and this website is a place for this education to happen, and maybe even help others out in the process.